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Novativa Platforms

Novativa developed a number of highly sophisticated platforms that most of the finalized Novativa's software is based on. Please select the platform you are interested in to get a more detailed information on its features.

Novativa Xapps for Business

Xapps for Business is a server-side framework and run-time environment for rapid development and deployment of functional, reliable, secure and easy-to-use business software. The key features of Xapps for Business let the developer take reliability, portability and reusability for granted and develop great business software focused on business processes instead of technical issues.

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Novativa Content Management System

Novativa Content Management System is an advanced web content management solution that allows businesses to create and manage dynamic, high performance Web Sites with unprecedented ease of use. Non-experts can easily use NCMS to create, publish, and manage web site content by navigating a user-friendly browser-based application. Web sites can also be extended programmatically by writing custom content components and plugging them into customer's web sites.

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Novativa Content Rendering Engine

Novativa Content Rendering Engine is a front-end web application that provides interactivity and rich functionality for a site managed by Novativa Content Management System. Novativa Content Rendering Engine (NCRE) takes the meta-data from Novativa Content Management System (NCMS), presents the dynamic content, and interacts with the visitor.

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Novativa Telecom Billing System

Novativa Telecom Billing System (NTBS) is an open, extensible and sophisticated high-performance telephony billing platform. Designed on top of an application framework, Xapps for Business, that uses XML and Internet protocols as its core technologies, NTBS takes advantage of these technologies to give carriers unprecedented accuracy, flexibility, reliability, ease of use for telephony billing.

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Novativa Streamster Server System

Novativa Streamster Server System (NSSS), our premier software platform for management of market-making operations, is an integrated solution that allows market-makers to offer a full range of innovative spot-trading services to a wide spectrum of customers. With a comprehensive range of features, NSSS allows market-making companies to automate all aspects of their business.

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