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Our Technology

To translate Novativa's fundamental principles into viable technological choices, support for open standards is essential. Our focus on enterprise software and total business integration solutions necessitates choice of advanced protocols, specifications and standards that are widely accepted, so our customers gain the most out of our support for these technologies. Key industry standards that Novativa develops software solutions with principally include XML, SOAP, SQL, TCP/IP and HTTP. Novativa Developer Network also fully supports WAP/WML for wireless application access and HTML on the web browser platform.

Platform-neutrality is another fundamental piece of Novativa's technology. To support diverse platforms utilized by our present and future customers, Novativa builds its solutions just as effectively on Windows and Unix as on wireless and embedded platforms. Novativa Developer Network is a layer that helps our software architects and developers work on cross-platform solutions with unprecedented flexibility, while at the same time taking advantage of features found exclusively on each of those platforms. Because we put reliability, performance and scalability high on the list of priorities, Novativa's languages of choice primarily include C++ and Java, as well as SQL, XML and a number of scripting languages.

At Novativa, we think security is not a product feature, but an integrated characteristic built-in right in the core of each solution, together with reliability, flexibility and scalability. Security is tightly related to quality control, another item that Novativa takes very seriously: quality assurance is the concern of every member of Novativa Developer Network from the outset of each project and solution. Comprehensive and sophisticated testing, testing automation, measurement and analysis tools are integral part of Novativa Developer Network.

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