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Trading Software Development

Novativa Streamster Server System (NSSS), our premier software platform for management of market-making operations, is an integrated solution that allows market-makers to offer a full range of innovative spot-trading services to a wide spectrum of customers. With a comprehensive range of features, NSSS allows market-making companies to automate all aspects of their business.

A unique modular architecture provides a highly scalable system that can easily be upgraded and expanded to accommodate both new users and new features.

In the fast paced market environment, Novativa Streamster Server System, as a complete turnkey solution, is ideally suited for rapid deployment within new and existing market-making operations.

For more details on partnering opportunities in the trading and financial services markets, please contact us by clicking on the contact link below. If you want to get more information on Novativa Streamster Server System, please follow the link below:

Novativa Streamster Server System
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